Wednesday, May 24, 2017

My Quiz Event during Teachers Day; Respect to all my Teachers!

(This is my Quiz Program held during Teachers Day, 2017. It was the great day for me to organize the Quiz Event for the Great Teachers on very significant day. The program was mainly to share laughter and smile by our teachers on this day forgetting their otherwise a hectic and tight schedule lives.)
Every child, no matter where they come from, deserves great teachers. Passionate, motivating, and effective teachers are the foundation of a quality education; and a quality education opens the doors to a lifetime of opportunity. Here, all of us are lucky to have awesome teachers, both during school time and today here at college, who despite their hectic daily schedules have never fail to guide, and nurture us towards the right paths! This quiz is a tribute to all my past and present teachers, so that you may take little time to response the stupid, silly and funny questions from your students and share laughter together at least today on this very special day from your daily tiring and dedicated lives.
To start the funny Quiz, these are the participants in each group.

Group I
Group II
Group III
Group IV

These are the general information and rules for the quiz.

  •    The quiz contains 5 rounds of 4 questions each.
  •    20 points will be awarded for the correct answer.
  •    10 points will be awarded for the pass questions.
  •    Group will get 40 seconds to think and answer the direct question.
  •    Group will get 10 seconds to think and answer the pass questions.
  •    Audience shall not give any hints or clues to the competition.
  •    Pass questions from participants will go directly to Faculty Audience.
1. When do you stop at green and start at red?
Answer: When you are eating watermelon
2. What is the total wooden steps count on climbing from ground floor to upstairs of Faculty Block?
Answer: 17 Steps
3. What is the total class strength of Bsc. Environment and Climate Studies final year?
Answer: There is no Bsc. ECS final year student currently in college
4. Make a sentence using all the letters of the alphabet?
Answer: A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
5. Carefully listen to the audio and identify a person, his profession and the module of lecture he is delivering?
Answer: Tashi Dhendup Sir, Assoc. Lecturer under Department of Sustainable Development. (Lecture on Module Applied Environmental Economics)
6.  Who is a recipient of Dekyed Longchoed Award in year 2015?
(Note: It is an award conferred to the most outstanding student who has excelled in academic performance, extra-curricular activities and has made significant contribution to the college of natural resources.
Answer: Phuntsho Wangdi (22nd Diploma, Forestry)
7. My qualification is in B.Sc. Life Sciences (Botany Honours) from Sherubtse College. And I also have M.Sc. Forestry. My area of interest is in Forest and Environmental Studies. I had my major fields of research in wetlands, allelopathy and ethnobotany.
The above description best describe whom?
Answer: Madam. Sushila Rai
8. How many pieces of biscuit are there inside the small Parle-G packet?
Answer: 12 pieces

9. The hall no.      is called Convention Hall, what is the hall no.      called?
Answer: Old Dining Hall

10. Who is driving the college vehicle BG-1-0170?
Answer: Mr. Sangay Wangdi

11. Mr. Damudar always eats breakfast, a plate of veg. momo (consisting 5 pieces) for Nu. 40 from Hotel Pulami, later during lunchtime, he again eats two plates of momo from the college wet canteen. How much amount did Mr. Damudar spent eating momo in a day?
Answer: Nu: 100 (Hint: The cost for the plate of momo in college wet canteen is Nu. 30)

12. Who is the inter-class champion for boys and girls basketball respectively during Spring Semester 2017?
Answer: ECS First Batch (For both Boys and Girls)

13. What is name of student standing there (Standing near technical and serving group)?
Answer: Neten Wangchuk (popularly called ADDICT)

14. What could be the word shown?
Answer: Teachers

15. What is the total government scholarship intake in Bsc. (Diploma Nested) Food Science and Technology for coming Semester in CNR?
Answer: 40 Students
16. One of the students from Naropa University, USA, who is currently studying in CNR, is popularly called as Meto. What is his real name? 
Answer: Kathleen Brickner

17. What is the number of fan in the common Kitchen Dinning (each flat) of upper hostel?
Answer: 2 nos. (1 Ceiling Fan and 1 Exhaust Fan)

18. What is the Wi-Fi password for the lower campus?
Answer: hoste1234wifi

19. Where is college Security guard Ata. Chimi Dorji from?
Answer: Mongar (ngatsang)

20. What is Taxi Fare per passenger from lower campus to upper campus?
Answer. Nu. 25 per person (Hint: It cost nu. 100 for reserve of taxi capacity of 4 passengers until lower campus from Mesina and Nu. 200 until upper hostel. Thus, the difference of Nu. 100 in reserve)

Finally, I conclude saying that you all are not just a teacher, but a true inspiration and icon for all of us. You did not just do your job, but a lot more than this. You all are kind, compassionate, empathetic, positive, and owe credentials, experience and intelligence. But of all you all INSPIRE the lives of thousands and uncovers hidden treasures, possibilities and magic right before everyone’s eyes.
For us, this is not an only day, we celebrate Teachers Day. In fact, all days in a year are to be a celebrated as a teacher’s day in each of our mind. Thank you teacher and have a wonderful Teacher’s Day 2017.
Thank you all Participants, Audience Teachers and Students.

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